Your business can be a brick and mortar store and still find benefits in being online and mobile-friendly.

Any advantage you can build in your industry can help you grow your company. Choosing to create a mobile-friendly website will not only help your company in the Google search engine, but will also draw attention to your site from users on the internet.

Some Facts to Help Understand the Value of Mobile-Friendly:

  • Most consumers need to see a product or activity seven times before following through on a specific call to action. Creating a mobile-friendly website will help your business get in front of the eyes of your potential customers.
  • Most consumers are making use of mobile devices for searches and even for purchases. Experts had been predicting that mobile use would overcome desktop and laptop use by 2016, but the threshold was crossed at the beginning of 2014. That means that your potential customers are using mobile devices to find and interact with you. Make it easy for that to happen.
  • The more time that individuals engage with your website (and therefore encounter your products or your services) the sooner they are likely to follow through on your call to action. Mobile visitors will engage more if the website has been optimized as mobile-friendly.
  • Visitors will not wait for loading. Mobile-friendly websites are optimized to load faster to offer quick solutions to mobile users. Studies have shown that most users give up on a website that takes more than 10 seconds to load, although most website design experts say that the time threshold is likely much lower.
  • A strong, mobile-friendly website will provide an advantage in a busy market place. Your company competes against all the other companies in the industry for the attention of consumers. It also competes against every other company. Visitors have more to see and less time to see it all because of the busy lives that spin around them. Creating a friendly and easy to use website can make your company one of those investments.
  • Mobile-friendly websites invite more engagement. More engagement means that a visitor invests more time in your website and on your website. This can translate into visitors becoming clients and clients becoming brand advocates.
  • Users are on the go and they are getting their information on the go. An interactive website optimized for the mobile user helps guide your users and offers them click and engage opportunities.

There will never be a one-size fits all answer to the internet. Even if that one answer did exist, the habits of users and the challenges search engines face to keep up with the users would cause that one answer to change and shift as well.

Building a successful business in today’s society is benefited with an online presence. Creating an optimized and mobile-friendly experience will further increase the focus that your company can receive from internet traffic.